I am a French graphic designer based in Berlin. I am working in the fields of brand identity, editorial design and web design with a strong interest for printed and digital projects around fashion, photography, interior design and art in general.
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Bijao rebranding

Typography, logodesign, identity, art direction, print
Bijao is a French family jewelry brand based in Toulouse launched in 2016. Translated from French, these five letters mean: jewelry, inspiration, joy, love and dare. As an intern in graphic design my principal task was to create a new visual identity to modernize the brand image. We decided to create a typographic graceful logo with refined letters to add modernity and elegance. The sun above Bijao reminds the shiny weather in south of France and also the very strong link that unites them. An elegant minimalist and a bohemia chic style is highlighted by the beige and brown color palette.

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